Concept Plans

Area Concept Plans are the early forms of an Area Plans. Area Concept Plans are endorsed by Council. The planning processes underway are looking at how we want to live, work, play, and ultimately grow, into these areas. Should these plans be adopted, it will form part of the Official Community Plan (OCP).

Endorsed Concept Plans

  • Albion Flats 

    On November 12, 2019, Council endorsed a concept plan for the Albion Flats that includes flexible opportunities for residential units above ground floor commercial, and a mixed-use commercial node located close to 240 Street to provide better proximity to the existing Albion neighbourhood. 

  • Lougheed Transit Corridor 

    On November 10, 2020, Council endorsed the Lougheed Transit Corridor Concept Plan.

  • Yennadon

    On December 8, 2020, Council endorsed the Yennadon Concept Plan and on May 11, 2021, Council granted First Reading to the bylaws. 

Other Ongoing Area Work

  • Port Haney Land Use Policy Review

The Port Haney area (see map), situated within the Town Centre Area Plan (TCAP) boundary, is subject to TCAP's land use policies. Following the Council Workshop on February 8, 2022, staff were directed to review TCAP policies for Port Haney due to its lower density regulations compared to other Town Centre areas. The Port Haney Land Use Policy Review aimed to assess current land use permissions and consider increasing maximum building height while preserving area features. Feedback from residents was collected during the spring and summer of 2022.

What is the Port Haney Area?
In 2008, the Town Centre Area Plan (TCAP) was adopted into the Official Community Plan (OCP), designating the area from 117 Avenue to the Fraser River and between 224 Street and the Haney Bypass as the Port Haney Area. Port Haney Area boasts unique historical and natural features and is conveniently situated within walking distance to the Town Centre Central Business District. This area is crucial within the Town Centre Area Plan due to its proximity to transportation hubs and distinctive local features.

Why is the City doing this review?
The City has undertaken this initiative due to changes in the Town Centre Area Plan (TCAP) land use policies for the Port Haney Area. Currently, these policies allow for various land uses, such as triplexes, fourplexes, low-rise apartments, commercial, and mixed uses. However, with amendments to the BC Building Code in 2009 permitting six-storey wood frame buildings, there has been a surge in development applications proposing taller structures in the Port Haney area. This shift prompted a review of the area's land use policies to align with these changes.

What might change?
The review process, primarily regulated by the TCAP, the Town Centre Development Permit Area Guidelines, and the Zoning Bylaw, aims to identify opportunities and constraints within the Port Haney neighborhood. Potential policy changes may involve permitting apartment buildings up to six storeys in height, requiring commercial uses in all new developments, removing zones lacking commercial components from the TCAP’s zoning matrix, and enhancing form and character guidelines to better reflect Port Haney's historical significance.

However, with the introduction of recent housing legislation under Bill 47 (Transit-oriented areas), effective June 30th, parcels of land within 400 meters of the bus stop, bus exchange, or West Coast Express station (Port Haney Station) must adhere to a minimum allowable density of 8 to 12 storeys, applicable to parcels with current zoning permits for residential use. 
Since the province requires that all applicable bylaws be updated by June 30, 2024, the City is currently working to review the new regulations and will update this page as soon as new information becomes available.
For more information from the Province, please click HERE.

Have questions?
If you have any questions or comments regarding the Port Haney Land Use Policy Review, please email the Planning Department at or call 604-467-7341.

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February 8, 2022, Council Workshop:

  • Thornhill  

The Thornhill area is recognized as a new community that requires an area plan prior to urban development occurring in the area. This area plan is a long-term priority for the City and will be initiated in accordance with the Thornhill Urban Reserve policies of the Official Community Plan.