Filming in Maple Ridge

Welcome to the City of Maple Ridge, where stunning landscapes meet urban convenience, creating a perfect backdrop for your next film project.

Maple Ridge – Come Film Here  

A film-friendly community that embraces the creative industries, Maple Ridge offers a unique blend of accessibility, affordability, and talent, making it an ideal location for filmmakers and production companies to create. 

Why Film in Maple Ridge?  

Our Ask?

Engage respectfully with the community you are visiting and foster an environment that we can all be proud of by treating each location as if you need to come back for another film day. This fosters a film friendly community that supports the next production filming in Maple Ridge creating sustainable film production. Just remember, these locations are the backbone for BC Film, so we need to all do our part to preserve them.

Join Us and Make Your Vision Come Alive 

Choose Maple Ridge for your next film project. Experience the ease of filming in a location that supports your creative vision with open arms. Let’s tell compelling stories together. Contact us today to start your journey in Maple Ridge, where your production can thrive.