Plans & Strategies

Public Engagement on Plans and Strategies

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Economic Development Strategy

The City of Maple Ridge has created an Economic Development Strategy that will guide efforts to attract new investment and support and grow existing businesses.

Read the Economic Development Strategy

Fire Department Master Plan

In early 2003, the Municipal Council of the City of Maple Ridge directed a review of the existing fire service delivery model and asked for advice on what the Fire Department will need to look like in order to serve a growing community. Council directed the Fire Chiefs and the General Manager: Corporate & Financial Services, who then enlisted the help of the Assistant Chiefs and paid-on-call Firefighters, in developing the Fire Department Master Plan.

Human Resources Strategic Plan

Our people are at the heart of everything we do in the City of Maple Ridge. Our HR Strategic plan underlines: 

  • Our commitment to our people,
  • Our commitment to purpose, worthwhile work, and making a difference,
  • Our commitment to building a culture around service and continuous development.

The plan was created collaboratively with staff across the City and is the culmination of extensive dialogue about the role of human resources and importance creating the conditions for our people to be successful and feel supported. 

It highlights the importance of supporting our employees and the role HR programs play in fostering a positive and supportive employee experience, from recruitment to retirement. 

Learn more about who we are, what HR offers and how we work in partnership with staff, teams and serve the organization.

Human Resources Strategic Plan

Integrated Stormwater Management Plans

Integrated Stormwater Management Plans (ISMPs) are a review of watersheds and drainage systems in Maple Ridge and they give recommendations to protect our drainage systems and watersheds for the future.

Read the South Alouette and Kanaka Creek Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, 2021

Read the Blaney, North Alouette, and Fraser River Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, 2021

Other areas in Maple Ridge will be the subject of future ISMPs.

The creation of the current ISMPs was a key action of the 2019–2022 Council Strategic Plan and supports the goals of the Official Community Plan. The ISMPs were endorsed in principle by Council on March 8, 2022.

Sanitary Master Plan 

The Council-endorsed Sanitary Master Plan provides information on the City's sewage collection system and serves as a guide for ongoing system improvements. Given that improvements have been undertaken since the Master Plan was developed, anyone wishing to obtain the most current information on the sewage collection system is advised to contact the Engineering Department.

Read the Sanitary Master Plan 

Tourism Strategy 

The five-year tourism strategy for Maple Ridge is intended to benefit both residents and local businesses that service visitors. The recommended strategies that enhance experiences and amenities increase the livability of the community for residents, making the destination more enjoyable for visitors.

Read the Tourism Strategy