Home Fire Safety

House fires and their various causes impact many Canadians, often leading to property damage, injury or worse. That doesn't mean that there's nothing you can do; prepare yourself and your family today with our resources below.

Home Fire Escape Plan

Fire doesn't wait - plan your escape. If fire broke out tonight while you were sleeping, would you and your family get out alive?

  • Develop a home fire escape plan now
  • Practice your home fire escape plan regularly
  • Make sure every family member knows two ways out of every room
  • Establish a family meeting place away from the house.
  • Call the Fire Department - 911- from a neighbour's home.

Smoke Alarms

Working smoke alarms can double your chances of escaping a fire. Give a smoke alarm as a gift - it shows that you care about your loved ones. Fire can spread quickly and when you least expect it.

  • You may only have a few minutes to escape.
  • A smoke alarm on every level of your home can alert you and your family and provide you with the chance to escape.
  • Dealing with nuisance alarms.
  • NFPA urges replacing home smoke alarms on or before 10 years as this is their normal shelf life.

Portable Fire Extinguishers


A portable fire extinguisher can be a very effective tool in saving lives and property. Use portable fire extinguishers to extinguish small, contained fires, but portable fire extinguishers have limitations. They are not designed to fight large fires or those that may spread quickly. Portable fire extinguishers are appropriate for fighting fires such as those on the stove top, in the oven or in a waste-paper basket. Use an extinguisher only if the fire is in its early stages.

Before Fighting Fires

Before you attempt to fight a fire make sure that:

  • if the building has a fire alarm, it has been sounded; if not, alert the occupants
  • everyone has left or is in the process of leaving the building
  • the Fire Department has been called
  • the fire is small and confined
  • you have a clear escape route that will not be blocked by fire
  • you choose the right type of extinguisher for the fire
  • you have read the instructions and know how to use the extinguisher

Remember not to fight a fire under any other circumstances! Instead, leave the building, close the doors behind you and immediately call the Fire Department

What can I do with my expired fire extinguishers?

Expired non-refillable fire extinguishers can be taken to Ridge Meadows Recycling for disposal.