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Guidelines for Council Correspondence

The following guidelines ensure that all Council correspondence is responded to in a timely manner and that all members of Council have access to the responses on matters that are important to you. This approach ensures that correspondence receives consistent and accurate responses reflecting the official policies and procedures of Council and the City of Maple Ridge.

Correspondence addressed to Mayor & Council received via email at will receive a reply from the Mayor's office acknowledging response of the email and providing information on who will be replying to the email. All staff responses to Mayor and Council correspondence will be shared with all members of Council.

Individual members of Council may forward an email to the Mayor's office for reply, rather than responding directly, especially where the correspondence relates to a policy or technical matter requiring the input of City staff. As with emails sent to the Mayor and Council email at, a reply will be sent from the Mayor's Office acknowledging receipt of your email, rather than a direct reply from the Council member.

Council members exercise discretion in reviewing their emails and may choose to respond directly if it is a private matter.

When creating a letter to submit for Council's consideration, please include your daytime contact information. 

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