Past Mayors & Councillors

A look back at the men and women who have served our community in these important roles.

  • Mayor - An official elected or appointed to act as chief executive or nominal head of a city, town or borough
  • Reeve - The council president in some Canadian municipalities
  • Warden - The governor of a town, district or fortress
  • Councillor - An elected member of a local government
NameTime Period
Dan Ruimy 2022-2026
Michael Morden2018-2022
Nicole Read2014-2018
Ernie Daykin2008-2014
Gordon Robson2005-2008
Kathy Morse2002-2005
Al Hogarth1999-2002
Carl Durksen1994-1999
Belle Morse1991-1993
Bill Hartley1988-1990
Danny Griffin1984-1987
Austin Pelton1982-1983
Norm Jacobsen1976-1981
Betty Dube1974-1975
Gerry Trerise1972-1973
Peter Jenewein1954-1971
Solomon Mussallem1946-1953
H.S. Cunningham1944-1945
Solomon Mussallem1936-1943
W. Hope1935
Solomon Mussallem1930-1934
J.B. Martyn1925-1929
John A. McIver1921-1924
W.H. Ansell1917-1920
N.S. Lougheed1914-1916
J.C. McFarlane1910-1913
James Selkirk1910
John Laity1908-1909
John Carleton1907
John Blaney1905-1906
Hector Ferguson1904
John Blaney1903
W.H. Ansell1902
Hector Ferguson1900-1901
Robert Blackstock1897-1899
Hector Ferguson1895-1896
Joseph Stephens1894
John Laity1892-1893
Hector Ferguson1891
Wellington J. Harris1890
Robert Blackstock1889
Hector Ferguson1888
Wellington J. Harris1887
George Howison1885-1886
Henry Dawson1883-1884
George Howison1882
Daniel Docksteader1880-1881
John McKenney1879
Henry Dawson1876-1878
Wellington J. Harris1874-1875