Water & Sewer

Whether making use of City Services or working on your own, good stewardship of our systems and natural resources is essential.

Sewer Compliance

Homes on septic must have provincial "Sewerage Regulation" compliance by providing a "stamped letter of certification," which may be obtained from a registered onsite wastewater practitioner. To locate a practitioner, please refer to the registrant list of Professionals for Sewerage System Regulation available online.

Well Water

Homes on well water must have verification from an accredited lab that the water meets or exceeds the stipulated potability requirements as set out in the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines. The lab must be accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA). To locate a lab in your area, please refer to the list online at the Canadian Association for the Environmental Analytical Laboratories Inc.


Under certain situations, contractors may fill out the form below to request access to city fire hydrants. Please see the form for a full list of accepted tasks.

Fire Hydrant Use Permit Application

New Service Application Forms

Sanitary Sewer Service Estimate Application

Storm Sewer Service Estimate Application