Maple Ridge Brand Story

We are bold by nature, driven by community - we're a city on the move.

Towards the Future and Redefining Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge's Brand Strategy highlights the City's strong connection to nature, broad economic potential and deep community bonds. 

The refreshed brand includes a new logo, colours, fonts and brand story based on themes that emerged during six months of development which included public engagement and a review of relevant research.

With a look and feel reflecting both a vibrant future and treasured heritage, the new branding will be rolled out in a phased approach.

In 2023, the City sought resident and business perspectives through focus groups and an online survey on the City's Engage Maple Ridge platform. The feedback painted a picture of a place offering active lifestyles and nature on its doorstep, exciting economic opportunities, and a welcoming and connected community.

Our Brand Story

Our Inspiration

Taking inspiration from the brand story, the new identity is rooted in visually expressing the ideas of growth, community and nature. It has been designed for maximum flexibility and to meet the needs of multiple applications and marketing channels. Over time, the new visual identity will anchor the City's communications efforts and become synonymous with Maple Ridge's image and reputation. 

The new brand evokes a modern and positive image that aligns with the City's values and aspirations.

Specific graphic and colour choices bring the new brand to life: The focal point is the Golden Ears Mountains, identified by residents as the iconic feature of the community. The peaked shapes, which also form the letter M, evoke green forests and bursts of colour as seen at sunset or as the seasons change. 

Different items with Maple Ridge branding. There are some business cards, a black polo shirt and a car with the Maple Ridge brand on them.
  • The Fraser River that defines Maple Ridge's southern border grounds the bottom of the graphic with a swoosh of the colour teal. 
  • A broad colour palette reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the City's arts, culture, sports and residents of all backgrounds. 
  • Eye-catching graphic elements reflect the bold vision for the community, while the circular shape and rounded edges convey a friendly, complete community and hearken to its past. 
  • The M in the Maple Ridge wordmark has a wide mountain-like base and the G's curved tail represents a winding river. 
  • The City's new font, Source Sans, is a functional, contemporary sans-serif font that supports Indigenous languages.

Introducing the Brand

Using a budget conscious approach, the new brand is being gradually rolled out across the City's digital assets and social media platforms, and more widely over the next few years as physical assets require replacement and upgrades. 

Why Rebrand

Maple Ridge's last rebranding took place 17 years ago, long before many of the social, economic and other changes that have reshaped the world and community we live in today. 

Maple Ridge banner with logo. The logo is a circle with various mountains in it.