Invasive Species & Pests

Invasive species are those which live, grow and reproduce outside of their natural habitat or range and can have significant ecological and/or economic impacts once they become established.

These introduced species have been brought to BC without their natural predators and pathogens that would normally keep their populations in check in their countries of origin, giving them a competitive advantage over native species.  

For more information on invasive plant species please visit the Invasive Plant Species page.

European Chafer Beetle

The European Chafer beetle (Rhizotrogus majalis) is a serious pest in Eastern North America and was first identified in the Lower Mainland region in New Westminster in 2001. It has since spread to many Metro Vancouver municipalities causing severe damage to lawns, boulevards, medians and grass areas in parks.

Treatment Options

Chafer Beetle Treatment Calendar

October - MarchGreatest bird and animal damage, but there is no effective control at this time of year.
April - JunePre-order nematodes from local garden centre by mid-May for application in late July. Repair damaged areas and maintain established lawns.
JulyObtain your Lawn Watering Permit from the City(free with proof of your nematode purchase). Apply nematodes as directed by your local garden centre. Raise mowing height to 6-9cm, and leave clippings if possible. Water 2x/week, following watering restrictions.
August - SeptemberWater 2x/week, following watering restrictions. Apply slow release fertilizer.