Water Protection & Management

Maple Ridge hosts many natural bodies of water and is committed to protecting them.

Watercourse Protection Development Permit (WPDP)

A WPDP application is required for any new development within 50 m of a water feature, including streams, wetlands, ponds, or ditches. The environmental professional of record (QEP) will need to refer to the WPDP checklist early-on in the development process to assist with protection and management of environmentally sensitive aquatic areas. 

Streamside Protection Regulations (SPR)

The SPR provide a methodology for establishing appropriate protection setbacks around water features. The City of Maple Ridge SPR review process is outlined in the following PowerPoint presentation. The Guide to the Streamside Protection Regulation provides the definitions and methodology associated with the SPR process.

In March 2005 Council supported staff recommendations that the municipality continue to use of the Streamside Setback Classification Map as a basis for the protection of riparian areas adjacent to watercourses, and that the municipality advise the Province that the Maple Ridge would not apply the Riparian Area Regulation. 

Watercourse Protection Bylaw No. 6410-2006

Maple Ridge updated and adopted the Watercourse Protection Bylaw No. 6410-2006 in 2006, which included new proactive site source measures for dealing with erosion and sediment control, rainwater management and stormwater management that are in compliance with current Federal, Provincial and Regional standards.