FireSmart Program

Wildfire is a risk that all British Columbians need to be prepared for. While it seems like a daunting task, FireSmart is here to help you get started and recommend proven steps toward protecting your home and our community from wildfire.

We put the power of prevention in your hands. At FireSmart we offer countless resources that enable you to take steps now that can save your home later if a wildfire emergency hits close to home.

We think of the Lower Mainland as lower risk for wildfires, but we are due for a large wildfire and have had them in the past.  With the large number of residential units that are located at the edge of our forested areas, we have a significant 'forest interface' in the region. All of the communities north of the Fraser River have neighbourhoods that meet significant forested areas that are part of the mountains we love.  it's not a matter of if, but a matter of when a lightning strike or human caused fire will impact our urban/forest interface. With climate change we are seeing a large change in wildfire frequency and behaviour in all areas of B.C.

If you live in the high-risk Wildfire areas of Maple Ridge, with proper FireSmart practices you can improve your odds of your house surviving by up to 90%. Most of these changes only require a bit of effort and not a large financial investment.


a wild fire on a hill at night

This map (shaded area) shows the areas that are included in Maple Ridge's Wildfire Development Permit Area. This is the area where we are working to educate residents on ways that they can manage the risks of Wild Fires to protect their families and properties. For more information, visit our Wildfire Protection page.

map showing the areas that are included in Maple Ridge’s Wildfire Development Permit Area