Fire Halls

Over the last two decades the City of Maple Ridge has transitioned from a volunteer-based Fire Department to a hybrid service delivery model that uses highly trained Career Firefighters and Paid On Call Firefighters to respond to a wide variety of incidents that include fires, rescues and high level medical emergencies. As our community has grown, the Maple Ridge Fire Department has deployed resources strategically throughout the community to provide timely response to emergency incidents.

Each of the City's Fire Halls covers a specific response zone and responses to calls for service are coded in the 'Computer-Aided Dispatch System' to pre-define the type of apparatus and human resources that are required for response. The Career Firefighters are dispatched to all calls in the various response zones.

In the event that a piece of equipment required for a response is already in use on another call, the computer will immediately identify the closest available apparatus from other Fire Halls and dispatch those resources to the incident. If an incident requires an elevated response, or if the Department has multiple calls for service, Paid On Call Firefighters are called into service to ensure that there are sufficient trained personnel to deal with an incident.

Surrey Fire Rescue provides a regional dispatch service for the Maple Ridge Fire Department and several other Departments throughout the province of BC. The City of Maple Ridge has 'Mutual Aid' and 'Automatic Aid' agreements with the Fire Departments in neighbouring communities to ensure the protection of life and property in the region.

Click on the graphics for each of the Fire halls to learn more about those facilities and the equipment that is on-site to respond to a call for service.