The Waterworks section provides high quality drinking water to homes and businesses, as well as water supply for fire suppression.

What Can We Help You With Today?

The Waterworks section installs and maintains hundreds of kilometres of watermains and connections throughout Maple Ridge as well as oversees water purchases from the Greater Vancouver Water District. The Waterworks section is also responsible for:

  • Monitoring of the water supply system to ensure safe drinking water 
  • Servicing fire hydrants
  • Collecting weekly water samples 
  • Water meter installation, maintenance reading
  • Installing service connections to residents and businesses
  • Flushing of water mains
  • Repairing broken or damaged water mains and services
  • Repairing broken or damaged water mains and services

Did You Know?

  • The lifespan of your tap water only lasts as long as it takes to flow from your tap to the drain!
  • Need your water turned on/off? You can call Public Works and put in a request for your service and we will radio out your request as soon as possible
  • Experiencing dirty or turbulent water? This can sometimes be caused by flushing in your area. Watermain flushing/cleaning typically occurs in October for approximately 11 weeks.  This maintenance work will improve water quality, however, during this cleaning process some residents could experience water pressure drops and milky or dirty water.  Please try running your outside taps for approximately 20 minutes to clear out any murkiness. If the problem persists, please call Public Works
    • Please take the following steps to correct the problem:
      Milky Water: Open tap slightly to bleed air from the water lines
      Dirty Water:  Turn an outside tap on until the water becomes clear
  • Can't locate your shut off valve? Please call Public Works, and we will send water crews out to mark the location of your valve