Heritage Plaque Program

The purpose of the Heritage Plaque Program is to recognize significant heritage sites in the community.

In 2002 the Heritage Plaque Program Tenth Anniversary book was published by the Community Heritage Commission to celebrate the work accomplished to that time.

The Community Heritage Commission plans to continue the Heritage Plaque Program focusing on the diversity of buildings and sites in the various communities within Maple Ridge. The Commission welcomes suggestions for future plaque locations throughout the City. If you are interested in researching the heritage of your home and receiving a heritage plaque, please see the Heritage Plaque Application.


The Heritage Plaque Program was launched in 1992 in order to help build public understanding of the value of our built heritage and to create a climate of support for the preservation of valuable older buildings. The owners of homes and public buildings that have received plaques have been universally supportive of the project and are proud to be included in our public recognition events. Residents of the local communities have also been pleased to attend the ceremonies.

The program began with the selection of some of the most important heritage buildings in the City - notably St. John the Divine Church, the oldest church in the province - and evolved to highlight buildings and sites that have contributed to the rich history of the City. In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to recognize buildings throughout the City, celebrating the diversity of the City's heritage resources.

The First Plaque

On February 14, 1992, the first plaque was unveiled near the site of MacLean High School on Dewdney Trunk Road, the first secondary school to be built in the City in 1922. Remarkably, a good number of former students were on hand for the ceremony, sharing memories of their former school. Many of these same individuals were on hand for a rededication ceremony in September 2001, following the construction of the new City library. Over 40 plaques have been dedicated since the program began.

MacLean High School

Old photograph of MacLean High School. It is a large, wooden, multi-story building

This is the former site of MacLean High School, the first high school in Maple Ridge. Approved by Education Minister MacLean in 1922, MacLean High School served students in the Maple Ridge area from 1922 until 1954. The original school consisted of two rooms and a lab. The school was added onto several times and was eventually converted to the Public Safety Building. Eventually the school was demolished and today the site is home to the Maple Ridge City Hall, library and an office tower. The plaque that commemorates MacLean High School is located just outside the Maple Ridge Library.

The Latest Plaque

On February 17, 2021, the latest plaque was installed near the site of the Hammond Cedar Mill on Maple Crescent. The location was selected so visitors could read the plaque while looking at the Hammond Cedar Mill site.

Hammond Cedar Mill

The Hammond Cedar Mill site is located on the traditional territories of the Katzie First Nation and the Kwatlen First Nation on the banks of the river known today as the Fraser. These shores offered food and connection to the community and ancestors. The river's importance was woven through the rhythms of everyday life and continues in cultural practice today.

In 1910 the Hammond Cedar Mill began operating and changed names and owners many times throughout its operation. During its operation, one of the operators Don Hartnell was a big baseball fan and frequently employed baseball players at the mill. The Maple Ridge Museum has additional information about the Hammond Cedar Mill on their website. To learn more, please visit the Maple Ridge Museum website link here.