Bulk Water Fill Stations

In order to make water more conveniently available to residential and commercial customers, the City of Maple Ridge has two clean and secure Bulk Water Fill Stations that meet the BC Drinking Water Protection Act standards.


The Bulk Water Fill Stations can be found at the below locations:

  • Jackson Road and 101 Avenue
  • 13166 Lilley Drive

The Stations are accessible by using an Operator Identification Document (ID) and Personal Identification Number (PIN), which are available through City Hall. Customer accounts can be reloaded at any time for all water filling needs. For more information, please check out our Bulk Fill Station Reference Guide.

Customer Accounts

Operator ID and PIN numbers to activate the fill stations along with a user's permit, are available through City Hall located at 11995 Haney Place. Use of the push button tap does not require a customer account or a use permit. 


There is no charge to residential users who acquire a permit; all commercial users pay a rate of $1.70 per cubic meter for water. Please direct your questions to Public Works-Operations.