Park Gift Program

The City of Maple Ridge has a park gift amenity program that identifies opportunities and a framework for individuals or groups to contribute gifts that provide community benefits and for the enhancement of parks and recreation facilities. This program is guided by the park amenity gift program policy.

Popular Park Gifts

Individuals wishing to donate park assets such as benches, drinking fountains, picnic tables and park trees may do so by paying a fixed fee. These types of donations typically would be less than $5,000, and are reviewed annually along with other park fees and charges. The fees include the cost to purchase and install the amenity with an inscribed plaque, as well as the cost of life cycle maintenance to ensure the gift remains in good condition for a ten-year term. The Park Amenity Gift Program Catalogue (with photos, descriptions and prices) is updated annually including specific fees, charges and park standard specifications. 

  • Park Bench: Park standard(s) in three styles dependent on park location with concrete pad with recognition plaque. 
  • Drinking Fountains: Park quality fully accessible fountain with optional dog bowl and filler tap with recognition plaque. 
  • Picnic Table: Park standard heavy duty table with option for full accessibility with concrete pad, with recognition plaque. 
  • Park Tree: Deciduous shade tree minimum 6 cm. caliper with dedication plaque or Coniferous tree, minimum 2.5 meters with dedication plaque.

Significant or Legacy Donations

This category applies to individuals, businesses, or service clubs wishing to donate or contribute to more specialized park or facility assets such as playground equipment, picnic shelters, outdoor fitness equipment, or other types of park amenities. These types of park amenities are generally valued above $5,000. Each request shall be reviewed by staff to determine cost of design, layout, installation, and life cycle maintenance costs. The potential donor is then advised of the cost for the proposed donation. Please contact Maple Ridge Parks Planning & Development staff for more information regarding significant or legacy park donations.

Contact Information

To initiate a park gift donation request please contact Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation & Culture staff at 604-467-7307 or by email at