Heritage Plan Review & Update

The City of Maple Ridge Heritage Plan 2024-2034 endorsed by Council at the October 24, 2023, Council Workshop meeting is a strategic plan that offers a comprehensive update to the 2013 Heritage Plan, building upon past efforts to conserve the community's heritage. The plan has been updated to include evolving community values, shifts in heritage conservation practice and a broadened understanding of the types of heritage resources being conserved, such as language, recipes and oral histories.

What is a Heritage Plan?

A “Heritage Plan” is a strategic plan that aligns with the Official Community Plan and outlines goals and actions that assist in managing, maintaining, and conserving valuable community heritage resources now and for the future.  The Heritage Plan also outlines a workplan for the Community Heritage Commission, which is an advisory committee of Council. The City of Maple Ridge has had a Heritage Plan that has guided the conservation of its heritage resources since 1995.

Why was the 2013 Heritage Plan Updated?

To continue to conserve our community's heritage as effectively as possible, the City's heritage initiatives needs to be reviewed, refocused, and reprioritized. Past heritage initiatives in the City have successfully identified, conserved, and celebrated many of our area's significant heritage resources, including buildings, landscape features, and objects. In order to continue proactively encouraging the conservation and long-term viability of Maple Ridge's heritage resources, the Heritage Plan requires updating. 

Where are we in the process?

At the October 24, 2023, Workshop meeting, Council endorsed the updated Heritage Plan. To read the new Heritage Plan, click the image below.  To read the staff report click here. To watch the October 24, 2023 Council Workshop, click here

 Read Heritage Strategic Plan 2023-2034

Thank you for your feedback!

Your feedback and input was valuable. It has helped us understand what heritage initiatives should be prioritized and what areas of the heritage program can be improved to better conserve our heritage resources into the future. 

Heritage plan review pipeline with steps and dates detailed throughout the diagram.

There were 3 ways to get involved and share your feedback:

  1. Thank you for attending the Heritage Plan Virtual Open House on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, from 7:00pm-8:30pm. If you missed it, you can review the PowerPoint presentation here.
  2. *Survey Is Closed*. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! The survey was open from October 6, 2021, to November 21, 2021 (at midnight).
  3. Provide feedback by phone or email. Contact Krista Gowan, Community Planner at the City of Maple Ridge, either by phone at 604-467-7402 or email heritage@mapleridge.ca.

Have Questions?

Please contact staff at heritage@mapleridge.ca or 604-467-7341.

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