Street & Traffic Lights

Maple Ridge maintains certain street and traffic lights to benefit its community.


Ornamental Street Light Maintenance

Maple Ridge maintains ornamental street lights, which are the ones you see on metal poles. 

  • Street lights are repaired within 7 business days from the day it is reported
  • Exceptions might occur in difficult circumstances, such as motor vehicle accidents with damage to the concrete base, etc
  • Electricity costs for street lights are established as a flat rate per light, so if a street light is on 24/7 or is off (burned out), the cost is the same
  • The standard for metal street light poles is for them to be galvanized and then powder coated. This is estimated to extend the life expectancy of the poles to 50 years. Each year, Maple Ridge replaces a number of street light poles based on the safety condition of the pole, not appearance
  • BC Hydro maintains all street lights with the metal mast arm on wooden poles. *Please contact them directly at 1-833-828-2224 or through their website BC Hydro Streetlight Repairs for any streetlight issues on wooden poles

Reporting Street Light Issues

When submitting a repair request, please be prepared to provide information including the closest address or intersection, as well as the condition of the street light. 

  • Metal pole street light issues can be reported to Public Works-Operations at
  • BC Hydro wooden pole street light issues can be reported to BC Hydro (*please see above for contact details)
  • Two Translink traffic signals on Golden Ears Way are maintained by Miller Capilano and they can be reached 24 hours at 1-866-918-1010, Ext. 1 or via email to
  • The City is continually being proactive in improving efficiencies, while reducing costs and carbon emissions.  Please see the following on some interesting information about our traffic signal program

Traffic Signals

How Traffic Signals Operate

  • All traffic signals "rest" green on the main street until there is a request to change from a vehicle or pedestrian on the secondary street
  • The light will change when a vehicle approaches the intersection or when the pedestrian crossing button is pushed. If the vehicle passes the stop bar, the controller thinks the vehicle went by and the light will not change
  • The changing of the traffic signal will not speed up by pushing the pedestrian button several times, as the controller only accepts the signal once per cycle
  • All of our intersections use cameras for video detection to sense oncoming traffic to synchronize the traffic pattern. The City does not record or store data

Traffic Signal Maintenance

  • The traffic signals on Lougheed Highway are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure with the exception of the downtown core. The City maintains the traffic signals from 223 Street and Lougheed Highway to 112B Avenue and Lougheed Highway
  • The City maintained intersections have uninterrupted power supply (UPS). This is a system using batteries to power the intersection for a period of time after a hydro power outage.  It is possible to provide up to 6+ hours of three-colour backup operation at intersections
  • The City maintained traffic signals all use LED technology to increase energy efficiency and long life span
  • The City has moved to wrapping traffic control cabinets in a plastic coating displaying various scenic pictures. This program enhances the visual appeal while reducing the cost of removing graffiti

Intersection Safety Cameras

Intersection safety cameras are installed and maintained by the Province of British Columbia and locations may found here.

Reporting Issues

Report any traffic signal issues for City-maintained lights to Public Works-Operations at or by calling 604-463-9581.

Contact Us

24-hour Dispatch: 604-463-9581


Did You Know?

  • Public Works-Operations is responsible for maintaining, installing, replacing or cleaning any missing or vandalized street signs. This includes all illuminated street signs. Please contact Public Works-Operations at to report missing, damaged. vandalized, or any vegetation obstructing street and traffic signs
  • Contact the Engineering Department by email at to request the installation of new street signs
  • To ensure public safety please report all missing or damaged street signs to Public Works-Operations at