Solar Hot Water Ready

The "solar hot water ready" requirement is a provincial regulation that communities can voluntarily choose to adopt. Maple Ridge Council supports sustainable innovation in construction and, as a forward-looking community taking a lead in implementing green technologies, has chosen to adopt the regulation.

The regulation became effective June 21, 2011 and applies to building permits applied for on or after that date. The Solar Hot Water Ready Regulation applies to new single family homes and new single family homes with a secondary suite.

Cost Savings

In common construction practice, roof and wall spaces are not built with weight and space requirements in mind for a future installation of a solar domestic hot water system. By taking these aspects into consideration during the initial building phase, significant cost savings are made when the homeowner elects to install a solar domestic hot water system at a later date. The Solar Hot Water Ready Regulation will add approximately $200-$500 to the cost of building a new home and applies in the following areas:

  • Required roof space for solar collector
  • Mandatory roof loading requirement
  • Conduit specifications

To find out more information about solar hot water systems, please visit the BC Solar Hot Water Regulation webpage and the BC Hydro Solar Power and Heating for Your Home webpage.