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Depending on the needs of your production, additional forms may be required.

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Electrical Contractor Authorization Form for Filming

Submission of Authorization Form 

An Electrical Contractor Authorization Form must be completed by your generator operator for all filming locations. Additionally, the City of Maple Ridge may request a copy of the generator operator’s Electrical Contractor Registration card, which should indicate their class designation. 

Requirements for Electrical Contractors

The registered electrical contractor named on the form must be present onsite both during any inspections and throughout the duration of the film shoot. This ensures compliance with safety regulations and city requirements during your filming project. 

  • Current Applicant and Production Information
  • Production Details
  • Complete

This form should be completed in addition to a Film Permit Application. If you have not yet completed your Film Permit Application, please do so and return to this form. Be sure to remember and use your unique application identifier to avoid needing to enter duplicate information.

Please complete a new Electrical Contractor Authorization form for each contractor used.

Please review all applicable Bylaws and the Filming Policy.

I, a representative of the Production Company, acknowledge that I have read and understand the City of Maple Ridge's Filming Policy, Bylaw and Guidelines.

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