Who requires a business licence?
All businesses in the City of Maple Ridge require a business licence. Some of the benefits to obtaining a business licence include:
  • Makes your business a legal operation in terms of the City of Maple Ridge's Business Licencing and Regulation Bylaw
  • Lists the business in the Maple Ridge Business Directory (home-based, commercial and daycare business licences only)
  • Enables the City to regulate the types and locations of businesses conducted within its jurisdiction
  • Supports the development of promotional materials aimed at attracting business investment and job creation
  • Assists with the development of demographic and statistical information on the local business climate
  • Supports parking enforcement, community policing and Adopt-A-Block programs
Business Licencing and Regulation Bylaw 6815-2011

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1. Who requires a business licence?
2. How do I apply for a business licence?
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7. Why do I need a business licence?
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