Backyard Fire Permit

Apply for a Backyard Fire Permit online. The cost is $25.00 and applicable to property addresses within Maple Ridge’s Open to Burning area. For more information on backyard fire permits and guidelines, please visit the Backyard Burning webpage. To see if you live in the Open to Burning area, please check our interactive map or call 604 463-5880. You may also purchase a Backyard Fire Permit from Firehall No.1 (cash or cheque only) or from City Hall.

Please contact Olivia Lim at the City’s Information Technology Department at 604-467-7444 if you encounter technical difficulties with the online form.

Building Department Check Daily Inspection Schedule (AM / PM)

Daily inspection schedules for all permit types issued by the building department, and to find out if your inspection will be in the morning (am) or afternoon(pm)

Building Department Online Inspection Booking

This service is for all permit types and is currently replacing the 24 hour inspection phone line. For electrical inspections and gas final inspections you will now be completing the declaration on-line as part of the request process. Once the request has been scheduled in the system you will receive a confirmation email.

Building Department Online Inspection Results

Retrieve inspection results based on the date the inspection was scheduled for and took place. Due to the volume of inspections you will only be able to retrieve inspection results for the previous two month period based on the day you access the system.

Pay for your Building, Sprinkler, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and Sign Permits. When your permit is ready for payment you will receive an email containing the Permit Number and Bill Number.  Online payment is limited to a maximum of $6000.00 per transaction.

Building Permit Enquiries

Check Building Permits online. Inspections can be booked via email to Inspection Requests or by phone at 604-467-7380 or fax at 604-467-7461. 

Burning Area Interactive Map

Residents in the "Area Open to Burning" Interactive Map must follow Bylaw 5535-1997 (PDF). Residents within the "Area Closed to Burning" Interactive Map (between Pitt Meadows on the west and 240 Street on the east, the Fraser River on the south and 126/128 Avenue (approximate) on the north) are not allowed any type of wood burning fires including open pit campfires or commercially available fireplaces.

Business Finder

Business Finder is a new online mapping service, designed to visually display business license information. Features such as filtering by business license number, business type and keyword are available, as well as many options to export and copy the data. Home-based businesses are not shown at this time, because there may be some concerns about disclosing residential addresses.

Business Licensing 

Pay your Business Licence online. All you need is your licence account and new licence numbers from your invoice and one of the following forms of payment; MasterCard, Visa or certain Debit cards (TD Canada Trust, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank and RBC Royal Bank).

Contract Registry

The Contract Registry provides information to the public on contracts awarded by the City.The registry includes current and historical contracts for goods and services and one time purchases valued over $20,000 issued after January 1, 2015.

Crime Map

The Crime Map provides information about recent and historical property crime incidents. The provided data has been anonymized and contains no personal information. Incident markers that are displayed, are positioned at their approximate locations. By default a filter is applied to the map so that only incidents which have occurred within the last 14 days of available data, are displayed. This default filter can be modified to display a range of dates, available within the Property Crime dataset. Incidents are easily filtered by File Number, Date and Crime Type by clicking on the ‘Apply a Filter’ button, which is located in the bottom left corner of the map. View Larger Map.

Dog Licence Renewal 

Pay Your Annual Dog Licence Fees online. All you need is your account number and access code from your invoice and one of the following forms of payment; MasterCard, Visa or certain Debit Cards (TD Canada Trust, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank and RBC Royal Bank).

Emergency Service Statistics by Neighbourhood Map

This map displays information about the variety and number of emergency calls for service within the City of Maple Ridge. Due to response grid changes over time, not all incidents may be included.

Land Development Application Viewer

The Land Development Application Viewer is a new online mapping service that provides a way for citizens to enquire on any property that is under application with City Hall. If you see a development sign in your neighbourhood you can search this map and get information on the application status as well as updates on any Council meetings and/or reports that have been presented on the property. The User Guide (PDF) is a powerful new search tool.


MyCity is a secure online service that provides homeowners and businesses access to information about your Maple Ridge property tax, metered water, business license and dog licence accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can register through MyCity to receive property tax, business license and metered water invoices by email. Enroll today for this efficient and environmentally friendly service.

Open Government Portal

The Open Government Portal was created to engage citizens and to increase accessibility, transparency and accountability. It was launched as a beta site and become available on October 17, 2017, after it’s reveal to City Council. Along with the web portal, a flagship application called What’s Happening Around Me? (WHAM) is available. It was designed to make it easy and fun for Maple Ridge citizens to see what’s happening in their neighbourhood at any given moment. This application is currently still in the beta stage, and will continue to grow and improve over time.

Park Finder

The parks system includes neighbourhood parks in residential areas, larger City parks that offer areas for a specific activity or protect a natural feature and community parks that provide large open spaces for sports activities and to meet overall community needs. Regional and provincial parks add to the list of available outdoor recreation venues. Parks, Recreation & Culture currently has four off-leash dog parks. Find a park!

Property Information

Available information includes Assessments and Property Information Reports. Look up property information here.

Property Taxes and Utilities

Pay your property taxes and utilities by credit card through Paymentus Corporation, a third-party-automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Paymentus will charge a convenience fee of 1.75% of your tax or utility payment which will be added to your payment amount. This service is also available through an automated telephone system by calling 855-480-9594. Property tax payments have a maximum of $5,000.00 per transaction. Utility payments have a maximum of $250.00 per transaction. Multiple payments can be made if your outstanding balance exceeds those limits.

Parks, Recreation & Culture Program Registration

Parks, Recreation & Culture is pleased to offer you the flexibility of online program registration 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Recycling Day Finder

Use the recycling day finder to determine when curbside pickup is scheduled for your address. Please place your recyclable materials out before 7:00 am.

Report a Concern (Request Tracker) 

You can report a variety of issues including pavement/pothole issues, street light issues and noisy manhole covers online or via the mobile application. You will receive an electronic confirmation that the form has been received upon submission. On the next business day, this information will be recorded as a request and referred to the appropriate department for action as timing and resources allow. Email Enquiries if your concern is of a technical nature (ex: broken link on website, incorrect or missing information or even if you have a suggestion that you would like us to consider implementing).

Ridgeview Mapping

Maple Ridge has a number of maps online to help you enjoy all that this community has to offer. Our web-based map service contains visual information about properties, facilities, attractions, utilities, schools, parks and aerial imagery.

RSS Feeds

RSS, or really simple syndication, is just one of the many interactive features on our website. RSS enables you to track events or news headlines from a single place - whether it is your desktop or web browser.

Service BC

Although Service BC is not a City online service, the City provides a link as Service BC is your source for front-line government services and information in British Columbia. Service BC delivers hundreds of programs and services to residents, businesses and visitors - in person, online and over the phone. Change your driver's licence, access Medical Services Plan information, pay your rural property taxes and much more.

Service Request Viewer

The Service Request Viewer Application is designed to display active and historical information about the various service requests our Operations Department receives. This information is provided for convenience, and should be confirmed by contacting the Operations Department at 604-463-9581.


Pay Your Parking Ticket or Municipal Ticket online. All you need is the ticket number and one of the following forms of payment; MasterCard, Visa or certain Debit cards (TD Canada Trust, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank and RBC Royal Bank).


See whats' going on around you in Maple Ridge with WHAM our easy-to-use application. Scroll the right pane to check out upcoming community events, road closures, find parks, property development and so much more!