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1. Why do I need to licence my dog?
2. If my dog is never out of the yard / house do they still need a licence?
3. How long is a dog licence valid for?
4. How much does a dog licence cost?
5. Can I buy my dog licence online?
6. I have a guide / assistance dog; do I need to purchase a licence?
7. What does my dog licence fee pay for?
8. What are the hours and phone number for the local shelter?
9. I no longer own the dog, what should I do?
10. Who can I report a lost dog to?
11. Who do I report a dog off leash in an unpermitted area to?
12. My neighbour's dog won't stop barking, what can I do?
13. Can I let my dog run off leash in Maple Ridge?
14. Why can't I allow my dog to run off leash?
15. How can I make a report about an unlicensed dog in my area?