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1. How do I contact the Active Kids Club program?
2. Does my AKC registration carry over year to year?
3. Does the AKC program offer a pro-rated amount if I only need care for an hour after school?
4. Why can’t I register my kindergarten at AKC during gradual entry?
5. How often do I need to update my Calendar Request during the school year?
6. Can I make changes to my registration?
7. When can I make changes to my registration?
8. Can I add extra days to AKC?
9. Can I request to swap days in a month?
10. How can I confirm my child’s registered days at AKC?
11. What happens if only one of my children are registered at AKC and the other child is waitlisted?
12. Does AKC offer subsidies for families?
13. Who do I contact if my child is ill or away from AKC?
14. Do I get a refund for days my child does not attend AKC?
15. Do I get a refund for days my child is ill and away from school, or following COVID-19 isolation protocol?
16. What if I don’t have my child’s sports or extracurricular schedule secured prior to enrollment and change cut offs?
17. How will someone notify me if my child moves from the waitlist into the program?