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1. How do I contact the Active Kids Club program?
2. Does my AKC registration carry over year to year?
3. Does the AKC program offer a pro-rated amount if I only need care for an hour after school?
4. Why can’t I register my kindergarten at AKC during gradual entry?
5. How often do I need to update my Calendar Request during the school year?
6. Can I make changes to my registration?
7. Can I add extra days to AKC?
8. Can I request to swap days in a month?
9. How can I confirm my child’s registered days at AKC?
10. Does AKC offer subsidies for families?
11. Who do I contact if my child is ill or away from AKC?
12. Do I get a refund for days my child does not attend AKC?
13. How will someone notify me if my child moves from the waitlist into the program?