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1. How much notice will I have that my area is going to flood? How will I be told?
2. If I don't have enough sandbags to protect my house, where do I get more?
3. Where can I buy sandbags?
4. Where can I buy sand?
5. What should I do to minimize damage to my home during the flood?
6. What should I do if my home is flooded and I need to leave?
7. Where can I go if I can't stay at my own home or with friends?
8. Where can I take my pet if I am evacuated? Do they need vaccination papers, food, or bedding?
9. In the event of a flood, how long would it be before the water recedes?
10. What will happen to the sewer systems if there is a flood?
11. Would my water supply be affected in any way?
12. My insurance agent says I am not covered against flood damage. Who will pay for the damage to my property?
13. What do I need to do once I am allowed back home?