Utility Pre-Authorized Withdrawal Program

  • The amount due on your bill will be automatically withdrawn on the due date as identified on the invoice
  • The program will continue each year until a cancellation form is submitted
  • Taxpayers selling their homes and enrolled in a pre-authorized withdrawal plan are responsible for canceling the Pre-Authorized Withdrawal Program. All payments made prior to cancellation must be included in the property transfer "Statement of Adjustments". 
  • Any returned payments are subject to a service fee
  • Completed Applications/Changes/Cancellation forms must be received at least 30 business days prior to an invoice due date to be updated

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Last Day to Submit UPAWS Application/Changes/Cancellations for the Metered Utility Due Date

QuarterLast Day to Submit Change/ApplicationDue Date (Approximately)
Quarter 4 - 2019January 24, 2020March 2020
Quarter 1  - 2020April 29, 2020June 2020
Quarter 2 - 2020June 25, 2020August 2020
Quarter 3 - 2020September 28, 2020November 2020
Quarter 4 - 2020January 25, 2021March 2021