Abernethy Way Extension (232 St to 256 St)

The City’s 2014 Strategic Transportation Plan (STP) identifies the City's highest traffic volumes are carried by three east west corridors: Lougheed Highway, Dewdney Trunk Road and Abernethy Way. The STP recommends improvements to the Abernethy Way Corridor in 4 phases:

Phase 1:  Widening Abernethy Way from 210 Street to 224 Street
Phase 2:  Widening Abernethy Way from 230 Street to 232 Street
Phase 3:  Extend Abernethy Way east from 232 Street to 240 Street
Phase 4:  Extend Abernethy Way east from 240 Street to 256 Street

Phase 1

The widening of Abernethy Way between 210 Street and 224 Street was completed in 2010.

Phase 2

This phase is currently in the design stage with construction planned for 2022. 

Based on a review of existing and projected traffic volumes, a modified approach will include widening key intersections for the management of current traffic volumes. Please visit the project page for more information.

Phase 3

This phase is currently in the design stage with construction planned for 2025.

The new roadway will follow the east-west alignment of 124 Avenue. A diagonal s-curve will move the alignment to the southeast, connecting to 240 Street to the south of Hacker’s Haven Par 3, as shown in Figure 1. Phase 3 was approved by Council at the November 26, 2019 Workshop meeting. 

Phase 4

Based on employment and population projections identified in the Abernethy Way Extension Study, the delivery timeframe for Phase 4 is 20+ years. The general alignment will utilize 124 Avenue. Phase 4 was approved by Council on November 24, 2020.