Albion Area Plan

The Albion Area Plan strives to balance new residential development, the protection of environmentally sensitive areas, and the provision of a range of housing styles to meet diverse housing needs. 

To read the full plan, see Albion Area Plan Section 10.2 of the Official Community Plan.

Engagement Opportunities

North East Albion Land Use and Servicing Concept Planning Process

The City of Maple Ridge has concluded the planning process for the North East Albion Area Plan. The North East Albion Plan was integrated into the Albion Area Plan on September 27, 2022.

On June 11, 2024 an update was provided to the Mayor and Council on the public engagement process. Click here to read the report.

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Albion Flats Area Plan

The Albion Flats have been the subject of various concept planning efforts over the years. In 2018, Council re-affirmed a work plan to explore a land use area planning process for the lands south-east of Jim Robson Way. The goal of the Albion Flats Planning Process is for an Area Plan to be adopted by Council. The Albion Flats Planning Process is a priority project identified in City Council's Strategic Plan 2019-2022.

Community Amenity Program

The Community Amenity Program is intended to meet the needs of the community and respond to changes in housing form and demand over time by enabling an additional means of providing neighbourhood amenities. The Albion Area Plan Community Amenity Program provides the opportunity for a Density Bonus within a number of zones identified within the Albion Zoning Matrix, see Section 10.2.4. Within these zones, 'bonus' density may be achieved through an Amenity Contribution toward community amenities that will be located within the boundaries of the Area Plan.


If you have questions about the Albion Area Plan, please contact the Planning Department

Map with the Albion area coloured in orange, yellow, green, and red.