Past Food Garden Contest Winners

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2023 Food Garden Contest Winners

boxed above ground garden bed with plants growing in it
c̓əsqənelə Elementary 1
yellow peppers growing in a box above ground garden
c̓əsqənelə Elementary 2
Sunflowers growing in a planter pot in a garden
c̓əsqənelə Elementary 3
five yellow peppers, kale and rhubarb picked laying beside a garden
c̓əsqənelə Elementary 4
tomato plants growing in a large garden
Brent Kenny 1
collage of different harvested vegetables - carrots, red peppers, beats, corn, potatoes
Brent Kenny 2
covered above ground garden beds
Diane Jorden 1
covered above ground garden beds
Diane Jorden 2
tomato plants growing in three planters
Diane Jorden 3

2022 Food Garden Contest Winners

Wide shot of Diane Jordan's garden. There are planters with produce growing from them.
Diane Jordan 
Diane Jordan 's garden. There is produce growing on above-ground planters.
Diane Jordan 
Assorted variety of harvested produce. There are tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, green peas, and potatoes spread out on a table
Diane Jordan
Wide shot of Elena Erokhina's garden. There are planters with produce growing out of them.
Elena Erokhina
Overhead view of Elena Erokhina's garden. There are over-ground planters with produce growing from them.
Elena Erokhina
Elena Erokhina's garden. Overhead view of covered planters with produce growing in them.
Elena Erokhina
Gale Herchuk's garden. There is a row of soil with plants growing from it.
Gale Herchuk
Gale Herchuck's garden. There are fully-bloomed plants growing out of a planter.
Gale Herchuk
Gale Herchuk's garden. There is a small roof-covered area on top of some plant growing from a soil plot.
Gale Herchuk

With over 45 entries, the three top prize winners were chosen based on their submitted photos which consisted of a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental plant species and garden design. There were some really great photo entries and our judges had the tough job of choosing just three winners. Some of the highlights from the winning gardens included starting seeds indoors, organic methods, building covers for crop protection, soil amending (composting!), water conservation and seed saving, to name a few!  

Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope to see you all in the upcoming contest!  Should you have any questions, please contact Adam Rieu at 

Thanks to Grow and Gather for the generous grand prize donation!

2021 Food Garden Contest Winners

Agnieszka Herout's garden. There are various plots of soil with plants growing out of them. The garden is well-tended.
Agnieszka Herout
Shelley Hilton's garden. There are neat rows of crops with plants growing from them.
Shelley Hilton
Harley Charlten's garden. There are plants growing out of plots of soil.
Harley Charlten