Recreation Facility Feasibility Study

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Facility Development
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Phase 1 Public Engagement (Jan 22 - Feb 23, 2024)

The data we received from all of the nearly 2,360 survey responses and 650 open house comments has now been analyzed and summarized into our Recreation Feasibility Study - Phase 1 Engagement Summary. The feedback gave valuable insight about what the community is wanting for our future place to move, meet, and play.

 Recreation Feasibility Study - Phase 1 Engagement Summary  


Maple Ridge Rec Facility Study - Phase 1 What We Learned
Maple Ridge Rec Facility Study - Phase 1 What We Learned

Phase 2 Public Engagement (June and July 2024)

Phase 2 of public engagement will begin in June 2024 upon completion of several extensive assessments of the proposed site. This phase will include a survey, public open houses, and focus groups with a variety of user groups, community groups and key partners.


Our City is rapidly growing and there is a huge demand for more recreation. In the 2023 Parks, Recreation, and Culture Master Plan, the City of Maple Ridge identified a pressing need for new aquatic and arena facilities, ranking these among the top five recreation capital investment priorities. Hammond Community Park has been identified as the preferred site for the City’s future aquatics facility and ice sheet – priorities identified in the Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) Master Plan adopted in February 2023. As a City-owned property and home to the aging Hammond Community Centre and outdoor pool, the site is ideal to minimize land purchase costs for the new facility.