Bylaws & Policies

Council has adopted many bylaws and policies that support and protect the Maple Ridge community. The most commonly requested bylaws and policies can be accessed below.

The most commonly requested policies and bylaws are listed alphabetically below. You can search the list by title or keyword.

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Historic Bylaw Book

For a historic look at Maple Ridge bylaws, click here to see a copy of our 1876 - 1913 Historic Bylaw Book.


2020 Property Tax Penalty Date Bylaw

Number: 7642-2020
To extend property tax penalty date to September 30, 2020. 10% penalty will apply October 1, 2020 (for 2020 Property Taxation year only).

2020 Property Tax Sale Deferral Bylaw

Number: 7660-2020
To defer the 2020 property tax sale.

2021 Property Tax Rates Bylaw

Number: 7728-2021
To establish property tax rates for the year 2021.

2024 Property Tax Rates Bylaw

Number: 7990-2024
A bylaw to set the property tax rates for 2024.

2024-2028 Financial Plan Bylaw

Number: 7989-2024
A bylaw to establish the five-year financial plan for the years 2024 through 2028.

Advisory Design Panel Bylaw

Number: 6326-2005
To establish an Advisory Design Panel.

Animal Control and Licencing Bylaw

Number: 6908-2012
To provide for the regulation, keeping, breeding, sale, purchase, displaying, and impounding of animals.

Bicycle Advisory Committee Bylaw

Number: 5510-1996
To establish a Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Board of Variance Bylaw

Number: 6290-2005
To establish a Board of Variance.

Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw

Number: 7666-2020
To regulate prohibited construction and maintenance of boulevards.