Engineering Applications, Permits & Guides

Upon request, applicants can apply for water, storm and sanitary service connections through the Application and Estimate for City Service process.

Applications and Fees

Applications are required for staff to estimate the cost associated with providing the applicable service. These costs must be paid before service is provided. There is no cost for the estimate at this time and no obligation to proceed should you decide not to go ahead. 

You may submit your completed application form in person at the City Hall Engineering Front Counter or by email to


Type of ServiceCharge
Water Disconnection$200.00
Sanitary Disconnection$150.00
Fire Hydrant Permit $50.00 per day plus General Sales Tax (GST)/$200.00 per week plus GST
Highway Use Permit$150.00 plus GST
Lawn Watering Permit$30.00
Engineering Service Review$50.00
Water, Sanitary and Storm ConnectionsEstimate required


Water Service Connections/Disconnections (Residential and Commercial)

The following includes references and applications to assist you in applying for new water service connections or disconnections. Providing the necessary details assists staff in estimating the costs associated with providing a new water service connection to your parcel or disconnecting an old service.

Water Service Connections/Disconnections (Residential - Single Family)

Single Family Dwelling - What Do I Need to Know?

Water Service Connection/Disconnections (Industrial/Commercial/Institutional/Multi Family)

Industrial/Commercial/Institutional/Multi Family Dwelling - What Do I Need to Know?

Applications and Estimates for City Services

Water Services
Sanitary Services


Consent Form

Guides and Bulletins