Backflow Prevention

Protecting drinking water is everybody’s responsibility. Cross connections represent one of the most significant threats to the health and safety of a water supply system.

Backflow Prevention and the Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP)

The City is committed to providing our residents with safe, clean drinking water in accordance with Drinking Water Protection Act, which included the introduction of the Maple Ridge Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP) in 2011. 

The CCCP ensures the supply of drinking water by eliminating actual and/or potential cross connections within the City's water distribution system by requiring the installation of certified backflow prevention devices on private and public properties.

The City employs a Cross Connection Control Officer to educate the public and inspect commercial, industrial and institutional buildings to ensure compliance with codes, bylaws and enactments. This helps guard against unauthorized and incorrect plumbing work that could otherwise allow contaminated water from entering the municipal drinking water.

backflow cycle

Your Responsibility

  • Property owners and occupants have a responsibility to ensure that no cross connections exist on their property, as stated in the Water Service Bylaw 6002-2001.
  • Applicants requesting a Fire Hydrant Use Permit must follow the Permit Conditions for Backflow protection.

Other Responsibilities Include

  • Reporting any cross connections or backflow incidents to the City.
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of all backflow prevention devices and assemblies.
  • Providing City inspectors and utility workers with access to assess buildings and or property for potential or actual cross connections.

Guides & Forms

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report

Plumbing/Sprinkler Permit Application

Additional Information

Water Service Bylaw 6002-2001-Amending Bylaw No. 6825-2011