2023 Paving Program

The City uses its Paving Program to schedule and perform vital road maintenance.

Phase One

The City of Maple Ridge's 2023 Paving Program will address 10 kms of roads at 25 priority locations. The City completes visual inspections of the road network six times a year to evaluate the priority areas needing road rehabilitation. Locations are selected through a multi-year pavement management system based on data collection and analysis. 

During the first phase, 5 kms of the City's road network will be milled and repaved at 16 priority locations:

  • Dewdney Trunk Road, Lougheed Highway intersection to 203 Street
  • Dewdney Trunk Road, Edge Street to 224 Street
  • 203 Street, Dewdney Trunk Road to Lougheed Highway
  • Edge Street, Brown Avenue to 119 Avenue
  • McIntosh Avenue, Edge Street to 227 Street
  • 226 Street, McIntosh Avenue to Selkirk Avenue
  • 207 Street, Lougheed Highway to Dewdney Trunk Road
  • Gilley Avenue, Richmond Avenue to 228 Street
  • Ritchie Avenue, Gilley Avenue to 228 Street
  • 228 Street, Ritchie Avenue to Gilley Avenue
  • Fulton Avenue, Ritchie Avenue to Gilley Avenue
  • 252 Street, Dewdney Trunk Road to 117 Avenue
  • 117 Avenue, 252 Street to 251 Street
  • 251 Street, 117 Avenue to 116 Avenue
  • 116 Avenue, 252 Street to west of 251 Street
  • 256 Street, 116 Avenue to 112 Avenue

This work is funded by the City's capital program and is part of the City's priority to build a livable community through its infrastructure renewal and replacement program that maintains over 500 kms of road network in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

During paving operations, there may be some traffic disruptions that will be publicized ahead of time, through the City's communications platforms. Work at select locations will be scheduled during evenings and weekends to minimize traffic impacts, and work at locations around nearby schools will be scheduled during the summer months.  

During the paving work there will be traffic control and construction workers on site and people are advised to slow down and respect the instructions of the safety personnel as the work is completed.

Residents and businesses directly affected will receive notification about work that is scheduled in their area.

Phase Two

Phase Two of the Road Rehabilitation will address another 5 kms of the City's road network at nine additional locations as follows:

  • 132 Avenue, 224 Street to 232 Street
  • Fern Crescent, 132 Avenue to the new traffic circle
  • 240 Street, Lougheed Highway to 250 m north of Lougheed Highway
  • Larch Avenue: Balsam to 235 Street
  • 108 Avenue, 280 Street to 284 Street
  • 108 Avenue, 284 Street to 288 Street
  • 286 Street, 108 Avenue to north of 111 Avenue
  • 111 Avenue, 286 Street to 288 Street
  • 288 Street, 108 Avenue to north of 111 Avenue

Sign up for Alert Maple Ridge

In the coming months, road construction alerts will transition to the City's Alert Maple Ridge system powered by Voyent Alert. Residents are encouraged to sign up to receive notifications from the City at Alert Maple Ridge.