Housing Action Plan


The Housing Action Plan process is made up of three key milestones:

  1. Maple Ridge Situation Report - research and analysis of current housing trends in the City
  2. Consultation Summary Report - summary of consultation activities
  3. Housing Action Plan

Housing Action Plan Implementation Framework

Endorsed September 14, 2015

At the September 14, 2015 Council Workshop meeting the Housing Action Plan Implementation Framework was presented and endorsed. The report and accompanying table outlines the strategies and actions that will be implemented over the coming years that will support and encourage the development of affordable housing in Maple Ridge.

Housing Action Plan

Endorsed September 30, 2014


In 2011, Metro Vancouver adopted the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) with the support of member municipalities. The RGS demonstrates that affordable housing with a range of housing options is an essential part of a complete community. Completion of a Housing Action Plan is a requirement of the Regional Growth Strategy. Following this, the Regional Context Statement in the Official Community Plan will be updated to identify how the policies align with achieving the Regional Growth Strategy's Goal Four to Create Complete Communities.

The City of Maple Ridge Housing Action Plan began in September, 2013. Over the last year, the Housing Action Plan process has provided analysis on the current housing situation in Maple Ridge and undergone comprehensive consultation with the community. This produced a Working Draft of the HAP in the spring, which was further refined to reflect input from the Social Planning Advisory Committee, Council, staff and the community. The final Housing Action Plan document can be accessed here and the accompanying Council report can be accessed here. Council endorsed the Housing Action Plan September 30, 2014.

Housing Action Plan Framework

Vision Statement

Access to safe, affordable, and appropriate housing that meets the diverse and changing needs of the community is a priority.

Key Principles

  1. A community priority.
  2. Achievable.
  3. Incentive-driven.
  4. Pragmatic and evidence-based.
  5. Aligns with current policy and practice.
  6. Housing issues are multi-faceted.
  7. Partnerships are key.
  8. Community support and understanding.
  9. Responsive to change.
  10. Relevant and effective.


  1. To improve housing choice for all current and future households.
  2. To encourage the provision of affordable, rental, and special needs housing in Maple Ridge.
  3. To increase the opportunity for low income residents and those with unique needs to access appropriate housing and supports.
  4. To raise awareness and increase support for initiatives that improve housing choice and affordability.
  5. To build the capacity of the community to innovate and improve access and opportunity for affordable housing and housing choice.


  1. Support the development of a mix of housing forms.
  2. Incentivize medium density development.
  3. Introduce an adaptable housing policy.
  4. Create new rental housing opportunities.
  5. Continue to monitor secondary suites policies and bylaws.
  6. Expand the garden suites program.
  7. Maintain rental housing standards.
  8. Support the non-market housing sector.
  9. Minimize the loss of existing rental housing.
  10. Expand the density bonusing practice.
  11. Introduce a community amenity policy for affordable housing.
  12. Establish a housing reserve fund.
  13. Use financial incentives to support housing goals.
  14. Continue to review opportunities to lease land.
  15. Continue to support local community groups.
  16. Continue to advocate to senior levels of government.
  17. Continue to educate and create awareness.
  18. Expand or enhance the roles of advisory groups to assist with HAP implementation.

Have Questions?

If you have questions, please contact the Planning Department:

Email: planning@mapleridge.ca

Phone: 604-467-7341

Fax: 604-466-4327

Visit City Hall at: 11995 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6A9


Consultation Summary Report

Council Update April 2014

Council Update February 2014

Council Update July 2013

Council Update June 2014

Council Update September 2013

Council Update September 2014

Housing Action Plan Final

Maple Ridge Situation Report