Fire Hall No. 4/Training Centre and Firefighters Park

A large white number 4 is proclaimed on the black brick wall of Fire Hall number 4 along a brickwork path into the building.
11240 238 Street, Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1H6

Built In:

Service Area:                                             

Career Firefighters
Paid-on-Call Firefighters

Operation Support Unit (2014 Spartan/Gladiator)
Engine 7 (2007 Spartan/Gladiator)
Engine 7-2 (1989 Mack)
Engine 4 (2007 Spartan/Gladiator)
Tender 4-2 (1998 Freightliner)

A fireman wielding a hose connected to a fire engine in the foreground enters an active blaze in a training facility at Fire Hall number 4.
A large concrete pad allows trucks to exit and enter the rear of Fire Hall number 4, and hosts a training area with two hydrants and live fire training tower.