Haney Residency - 11630 224 Street

Artists Aaron S. Moran and Taryn Hubbard at the Haney Residence

Location: 11630 224 Street, Maple Ridge

Celebrating Our Residency Artists: Aaron S. Moran and Taryn Hubbard

We bid farewell to two incredibly talented artists who have enriched the heart and soul of Maple Ridge during their residency – Aaron S. Moran and Taryn Hubbard.

Aaron brought a burst of creative energy to the community. His vibrant artwork illuminates our streets and sparks conversations that will resonate for years.

Taryn has masterfully woven the fabric of Maple Ridge's beauty into her creative vision; inspired by our surroundings, she has given us fresh perspectives.

Both Aaron and Taryn have not only shared their exceptional talents but also their enthusiasm and dedication. 

This residency might be over, but the creative spirit they've ignited will continue to thrive within our community. Maple Ridge is richer and more vibrant thanks to their public art contribution with “Trace Line.” Their artistic spirits have found a home in Maple Ridge, and we can't wait to see where their talent takes them next.

Aaron S. Moran and Taryn Hubbard sitting by some of their art. There is a woman with blonde hair, overalls and a black and white striped shirt. There is a man sitting next to the woman.The man has blonde hair and beard and is wearing sunglasses, a flannel shirt and jeans.
Row of different coloured leaves organized by colour spectrum. The leaves are displayed on top of grass.
Stack of different coloured plastic crated. The crates are stack on top of a black wooden palette in the middle of a heavily wooded area.
Cover of the Desire Path poem book by Taryn Hubbard. The book displays a map in the background with the book's title written in cursive.
Taryn Hubbard crouched snapping a photograph of a flower. Taryn is wearing dark blue jeans and a dark blue blazer.
Piece of art on wooden 2 by fours. The words "Lick, taste tar" can be read on the piece of art. Each 2 by 4 is coloured in different patterns.
Taryn Hubbard standing in front of a group of people presenting their work. To Taryn's front, there are tables and chairs arranges in a semi-circle. The audience is sitting on the outside of this chair and table arrangement.
Assortment of zines laying on a table. The zines have different coloured covers.
Assortment of sticks arranged horizontally and equally spaced between two tree trunks. The tree trunks form a "v" shape.
Yellow daisies arranged to form the outline of a rectangle. The yellow flowers are arranged on top of grass.