Agricultural Plan

The Plan

On December 15, 2009, Council endorsed the Agricultural Plan. The City of Maple Ridge wishes to acknowledge the financial assistance of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia for making this Agricultural Plan possible:


  • Agricultural Land Commission - The Provincial Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is an independent crown agency. The commission's mission is to preserve agricultural land and encourage and enable farm businesses throughout British Columbia.
  • Country Fest - On June 15, 1901 the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association was formed. The association has worked hard to develop a National and provincial award-winning, family-oriented and agriculturally educational annual event that is recognized as "one of the best." This event is held annually in July and features a free gate to give all families the opportunity to attend.
  • Haney Farmers Market - The Haney Farmers Market Society has been created to encourage a healthy community that offers a safe, relaxing and enjoyable place for people to come together. The market serves to stimulate and support local economic initiatives, to provide an opportunity for community groups and individuals to inform and entertain their neighbours and to support and strongly encourage practices, which work toward ecological and community health. The Haney Farmers Market wishes to celebrate the historic farming communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.
  • Metro Vancouver Food and Agriculture - Metro Vancouver's role in agriculture and food is to support a sustainable, resilient and healthy food system by developing regional agriculture and food policy under the direction of the board's Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee.
  • Ministry of Agriculture - The province has a supporting role in the growth of British Columbia's internationally respected agri-foods sector and the more than 61,000 British Columbians it employs. This plan also focuses on ensuring British Columbia families and communities continue to have the health and economic benefits locally grown and produced foods provide.
  • Young Agrarians Land Matching Program - Helps connect farmland with farmers in B.C. The program helps put land into production and ensures existing farmland continues to be farmed as well as supports new farmers by connecting them with business planning and farm extension support.