Mayor Ruimy Statement on Federal Budget 2024

An aerial shot of houses with mountains in the background, above a teal background with black text reading "Mayor's statement on Federal Budget 2024".

Maple Ridge, B.C., April 17, 2024 - As one of the fastest growing municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region, and growing over twice the national rate, the City of Maple Ridge welcomes the federal government's focus on housing initiatives in Budget 2024 with Canada's Housing Plan. 

This federal budget has significant new spending dedicated to core infrastructure like water and sewage treatment, transit and road networks and other infrastructure that cities like Maple Ridge desperately need as we add new housing to meet the needs of our rapidly growing population. 

We were also pleased to see the $400 million top up to the Housing Accelerator Fund which is an encouraging signal to communities like Maple Ridge that we can access the next round of funding. Maple Ridge was overlooked in the first round of funding, which distributed $4 billion to cities for housing projects. With an average of over 10% population growth every single year, Maple Ridge has acute infrastructure needs along with a history of being overlooked as a community. It’s good to see the federal government putting significant dollars into housing and recognizing that we have an infrastructure deficit in our city.

Maple Ridge has been undertaking several housing process improvements and are already working closely with the provincial government and other community stakeholders on speeding up housing approvals and other measures to make room for more housing. It is helpful to have complementary initiatives at the federal level so that all three levels can work together on the same goals.

We were disappointed to see that the federal government has not heard our call for speeding up the delivery of the Permanent Transit Fund. This money isn’t scheduled to roll out until 2026, leaving TransLink with a two-year gap with no federal funding for transit. We are hopeful that the government will find a solution so TransLink can move forward with the Access for Everyone plan, which includes a new Bus Rapid Transit line from Maple Ridge to Langley

We look forward to exploring partnership opportunities to support projects that have been identified as priorities in our Maple Ridge Moves strategy. These projects include securing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) funding, the full expansion of Abernethy Way, a critical route for the movement of goods and people and the 240 Street Bridge project ensuring better connectivity and safety to Silver Valley and Golden Ears Park, B.C.'s most visited Park.

Our residents have been feeling the affordability challenges that exist in today's environment and targeted measures to make life more affordable for people is key.

It is essential that municipalities have the ability to partner with the provincial and federal governments to address the infrastructure and housing pressures we face in our rapidly growing communities. This means ensuring we have complete and livable communities with the roads and public transportation needed to support rapid growth and connected communities. 

For additional information, contact:

Katerina Anastasiadis, Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs

T 604 466 7398  E