City Seeks Input on Draft Urban Forest Management Strategy

Maple Ridge, B.C., March 4, 2024 – The City is seeking community input on its draft Urban Forest Management Strategy which outlines a comprehensive plan to safeguard and enhance the city's urban forest resources. 

The Need for a Long-Term Strategy

While Maple Ridge is renowned as one of the most forested communities in Metro Vancouver, the city’s urban forest is facing increasing pressures such as higher summer temperatures and prolonged droughts. The City has developed a strategy to guide urban forest planning and management for the next 20 years, emphasizing a thriving, resilient, and climate-adapted urban forest that is essential for community health and well-being. 

"Maple Ridge's urban forest is a defining feature of our community that brings many important benefits to our health, well-being, and environment from cooling streets to managing storm water," said Mayor Dan Ruimy. "As we develop our community, this Urban Forest Management Strategy provides a clear road map with long-term steps to achieve our vision to protect and enhance our urban trees, making our city more resilient for generations to come. I encourage everyone to share your thoughts with us."

Developing the Urban Forest Management Strategy

Work on the Urban Forest Management Strategy project began in March 2023, with background research and urban forest mapping taking place in the summer of 2023. The first phase of engagement occurred from September to October 2023, with residents being asked to provide input into their values and vision for the urban forest.

The second phase of public engagement provides residents with the opportunity to review the draft strategy and provide input through an online open house and survey which runs to Mar. 24. The open house will be held virtually through Zoom on March 11 at 7:00 p.m. Attendees are asked to register through the Engage Maple Ridge page at

The Urban Forest Management Strategy is guided by four overarching goals:

  • Protect and expand the urban forest 
  • Integrate and adapt the Urban Forest Management Strategy
  • Manage and sustain the urban forest
  • Engage and partner on urban forest management

A key component of the draft Urban Forest Management Strategy is to increase the tree canopy cover in the urban area from 38% to 40% by 2045. This target also aligns with Metro Vancouver’s tree canopy target of 40% by 2050 for the region’s urban boundary.

The Importance of an Urban Forest Network

Maple Ridge's urban forest network encompasses a diverse range of trees across boulevards, parks, private properties, and conservation areas.

The urban forest delivers multiple benefits, including reducing stormwater run-off, supporting biodiversity, enhancing overall livability, and proving natural cooling to urban areas.

Through strategic planning and community engagement, the City aims to preserve and enhance Maple Ridge's urban forest for generations to come.

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