City of Maple Ridge Addresses Provincial Housing Legislation


City of Maple Ridge Addresses Provincial Housing Legislation

Maple Ridge, B.C., May 17, 2024 – In response to provincial legislation aimed at increasing housing availability and creating more diverse housing options, the City of Maple Ridge is updating its bylaws and zoning regulations to align with the new requirements.

In late 2023, the Province introduced new housing legislation as part of the Homes for People Housing Action Plan that will come into effect on June 30, 2024 and mandate changes to zoning in communities across B.C. The legislation is intended to bring more homes to market faster by allowing an increase in the number and diversity of homes that can be built in single-family neighbourhoods and near transit corridors.

How will these changes impact Maple Ridge?

This new legislation represents a transformative shift in housing policy to work towards addressing existing affordability and supply challenges.

To meet the new provincial legislation requirements, the City’s updated bylaws will include changes to permitted density, maximum height, minimum setbacks, parking requirements, lot coverage, and other land use controls.

Key changes to housing regulations in Maple Ridge will include: 

  • Allowing up to four or six units of small-scale, multi-unit housing (SSMUH) on single-family and duplex lots (e.g., secondary suites, detached garden suites, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes)
  • Creating designated areas around key transit centres to become mixed-use, complete communities
  • No longer allowing public hearings for residential projects that align with the Official Community Plan and did not receive first reading prior to November 30, 2023

The provincial legislation also requires the City to provide a 20-year Housing Needs Report that supports the growth of the community. This report is required to be endorsed by Council by December 31, 2024. The Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw will then be updated by December 31, 2025 to reflect the City’s projected housing needs. 

New Transit-Oriented Areas (TOA)

A Transit-Oriented Area (TOA) is a designated area within a prescribed distance around a transit centre. Development of these areas is intended to provide a diversity of housing options, access to a variety of amenities, and enable greater mobility options.

In Maple Ridge, the Province has identified three TOAs:

  • Port Haney Station
  • Maple Meadows Station
  • Haney Place Transit Exchange

The City is required to designate an area around these stations where zoning bylaws, parking regulations, and minimum height and density requirements will be updated. A 400-meter radius around Port Haney Station has already been designated a TOA, while Maple Meadows and Haney Place will be designated in June 2024.

Public Hearings for Residential Properties

Under the new provincial legislation, public hearings will no longer be held for rezoning of residential developments that align with the Official Community Plan. As public hearings become less frequent, the City is reviewing other options to obtain community input and strengthen the public feedback process. 

Maintaining the Character of Maple Ridge

This new legislation fundamentally changes how the City plans, considers, and approves development and growth across our entire community. While these changes are significant, the City will continue to have Form and Character development permits, and development permit guidelines for protection of the environment and protection from natural hazards will continue to apply to new development. 

Timeline and Next Steps

June 30, 2024                     Zoning Bylaw amendments related to Small-Scale Multi-Unit housing to be adopted and Transit-Oriented Areas (TOA) designated

December 31, 2024          Interim Housing Needs Report to be adopted

December 31, 2025          First review and update of Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw to align with interim Housing Needs Report

The City will provide further updates and communications on these initiatives and changes. For more information on the new housing legislation and what it means for Maple Ridge, visit

Commitment to Providing Affordable Housing

The City is also continuing to work on other initiatives to help address housing needs in our community: 

  • Implementing a program to redesign internal processes to be more efficient and to ensure that the City is doing its part to expedite housing approvals
  • Completing a housing needs assessment and updating the City’s Housing Needs Report
  • Continuing progress on the City’s new Housing Strategy
  • The Maple Ridge Moves transportation plan to expand our road infrastructure and make room for more public transit and build a strong economy.

For additional information, contact:

Amanda Grochowich, Manager of Community Planning
T 604 467 7493   E