Residential Water Refill Request

This form is for residents of Maple Ridge excluding those properties with Farm Status. Properties with Farm Status will require a Commercial Water Permit.

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Owner(s) Information (If Different Than Applicant):
Terms of Bulk Water Fill Station Residential Water Supply Permit

I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for the safe and proper use of the Bulk Water Fill Station, and that I am expected to read and comply with the operating instructions and directions provided at the Bulk Water Fill Station. I understand the operator ID supplied for use is the property of the City of Maple Ridge. Any credits applied to the operator ID have no monetary value and cannot to be transferred in any way. 

I further agree that any and all water taken from the Bulk Water Fill Station is for personal use and will not be offered for sale or transported to properties other than the address assigned to the card/operator ID. I agree to use a properly disinfected tank (as set out by the Fraser Health Authority in their document Guideline for Bulk Water Hauling available on the City of Maple Ridge website), to transport any and all potable water obtained at the City of Maple Ridge Bulk Water Fill Station. The maximum quantity of water to be drawn from the Bulk Water Fill Station at one time is four thousand liters (4000 L). 

I further agree to release, indemnify and save harmless the City of Maple Ridge against any and all claims, actions, costs, expenses, losses and liabilities of whatsoever kind and by whomsoever brought against the City arising out of or in any way due or relating to the granting to me of this Bulk Water Fill Station Permit, or my compliance or non-compliance with the terms of this permit.

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If you have questions about using our bulk water fill station, please refer to our reference guide.


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