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1. What happens to my Leisure Centre membership when the Aquatics area reopens?
2. Do I have to use my existing Leisure Centre membership to pay for registered use of the Aquatics area?
3. Why do I have to register to use the Aquatics area?
4. If an Aquatics area user or staff tests positive for COVID-19, will I be notified?
5. What do I do if I notice another Aquatics area user who is not following the physical distancing rules or who is displaying symptoms of COVID-19?
6. How can I register if I have a Leisure Access Pass?
7. Can I cancel my registration for an Aquatic area timeslot?
8. What pool activities are available?
9. Will all the pool amenities be open?
10. Can I use the lockers at the pool?
11. Will the change area be open when I visit the pool?
12. How do I access the facility at my registered swim time?
13. Should I be wearing a face mask?
14. What if a patron starts to exhibit signs of Covid 19 while in the pools?
15. What about swimming lessons? Why are they not being offered?
16. How will we know which area to stay in during our registered pool activity?
17. Can I use all the pools when I book a swim time?