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1. Do I have to use my membership to pay for my Gymnasium timeslot?
2. Why do I have to register for a Gymnasium timeslot instead of dropping in?
3. How has the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre changed to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19?
4. What do I need to bring to my registered Gymnasium timeslot?
5. How do I gain access to the facility for my Gymnasium timeslot?
6. Why are you only offering limited activities in the Gymnasium?
7. Why are you is Gymnasium equipment limited?
8. What do I do if I don't have the necessary equipment for my Gymnasium timeslot?
9. Why are some registered Gymnasium activities one hour and others two hours?
10. Can I use the sport courts or the Fitness Centre during my Gymnasium timeslot?
11. What amenities will I have access to at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre when I register for a Gymnasium timeslot?
12. What do I do if I notice another gymnasium user who is not following the physical distancing rules or who is displaying symptoms of COVID-19?
13. What will happen if a gymnasium user shows signs of COVID-19?
14. If a gymnasium user or staff has tested positive for COVID-19 will I be notified?
15. How do I register for a Gymnasium timeslot if I have a Leisure Access Pass?
16. Can I cancel my registration for a Gymnasium timeslot?
17. What is Family Drop-In at the Gymansium?