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1. Do I have to use my membership to pay for a sport court timeslot?
2. Why do I have to register to book a sport court?
3. How has the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre (MRLC) changed to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19?
4. How do I gain access to the facility during my registered sport court timeslot?
5. Can I use the Fitness Centre during my sport court timeslot?
6. What amenities will I have access to at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre when I register for the sport courts?
7. Do I have to wear a mask while in an Indoor Sport Court?
8. Why is the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre not providing racquetball or squash equipment to any users?
9. What will happen if a user of the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre shows signs of COVID-19?
10. If an Maple Ridge Leisure Centre (MRLC) user or staff has tested positive for COVID-19 will I be notified?
11. Can I cancel my registration for a sport court booking?
12. Why are you encouraging folks to use the sport courts as individuals for the purpose of skill development?
13. Can I register for a sport court and the Fitness Centre in back-to-back timeslots and only pay one fee?
14. Can two individuals work on skill development at the same time on the same court?