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1. Do I have to use my existing Leisure Centre membership to pay for registered use of the Fitness Centre?
2. Why do I have to register to use the Fitness Centre?
3. How has the Fitness Centre changed to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19?
4. What should I bring to my registered Fitness Centre timeslot?
5. Will all Fitness Centre amenities be open for my registered timeslot?
6. Will I have access to the Sport Courts during my registered timeslot at the Fitness Centre?
7. How do I gain access to the facility for my registered timeslot at the Fitness Centre?
8. Can I use the gymnasium during my registered timeslot at the Fitness Centre?
9. What amenities will I have access to at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre when I register for a timeslot at the Fitness Centre?
10. Do I have to wear a mask when I use the Fitness Centre?
11. Can I register in back-to-back timeslots to extend my time in the Fitness Centre?
12. What will happen if a Fitness Centre user shows signs of COVID-19?
13. If a Fitness Centre user or staff tests positive for COVID-19, will I be notified?
14. What do I do if I notice another Fitness Centre user who is not following the physical distancing rules or who is displaying symptoms of COVID-19?
15. How can I register if I have a Leisure Access Pass?
16. Can I cancel my registration for a Fitness Centre timeslot?
17. Can I book a Fitness Centre Orientation at this time?