Pride in the Park

  • June 8, 2024 | 11:00 am–3:00 pm
  • Location
    Memorial Peace Park
    Woman giving a speech to a crowd with a rainbow balloon arch above her head
    Drag queen walking through a crowd while they admire her performance andskill
    Drag queen performing on stage while dawning rainbow attire at Pride in the Park
    Crowd sitting on grass and watching pride performances at Pride in the Park
    People standing with the Mayor onstage giving a speech at Pride in the Park
    Drag king dawning a blue suit and glitter beard performing for the crowd at Pride in the Park

    Event Details

    Pride in the Park is a public event celebrating LGBTQ+ pride in Maple Ridge. It’s a free family-friendly event that brings together community members for an afternoon of games, music, a BBQ, face painting, and other fun activities.