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There are a variety of permits that must be obtained before your business or residence undergoes construction or alteration. If you have any questions while undergoing the application process or determining which application or applications may be required, please contact the Permits Department.

BC Building Code Changes 2024

The 2024 BC Building Code changes took effect on March 8, 2024. This means that all building permit applications made on or after March 8, 2024 are subject to the 2024 BC Building Code, which requires all documents, designs, and references to be updated to reflect the new Code. Learn more at BC Codes 2024 - Province of British Columbia (

All plumbing, electrical, gas and sprinkler permits that do not require drawings as part of the application may be sent to for processing. Once the permit has been processed you will receive an email with the information necessary to pay for your permit online. Please ensure the email that is provided on the application form is for the person authorized to make credit card payments ($6000.00 max. limit on credit card transactions). Heat loss calculations, hydronic calculations and any other documentation where the file size is less than 10MB total, can be submitted with the applicable plumbing, gas or sprinkler permit applications via the above email.

See the specific permit information and application forms below. If you require additional information or forms please refer to our Building Guides, Forms & Documents page.


Permit Fees and Charges

Building permit fees include a plan processing fee (payable at the time of application) and a building permit fee (payable at the time of building permit issuance). 

If it becomes necessary to make changes to a permit already issued or if you require additional inspections, additional fees may be required.

Pay for a Permit

Complete the online pay form below to pay for your Building, Sprinkler, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and Sign Permits. When your permit is ready for payment you will receive an email containing the Permit Number and Bill Number.  Online payment is limited to a maximum of $6000 per transaction.

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After a permit has been issued, an onsite inspection is conducted to ensure that the work aligns with approved drawings, and applicable regulations and bylaws. To schedule and prepare for an inspection, please see our Inspections & Results page.

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