• Gazebo Panorama
  • Drainage under new play area
  • Construction team at weekly progress meeting
  • Chalk drawings in front of the daycare
  • Whonnock Tree with Chicadee Nest
  • Whonnock Tree Protection zone
  • Whonnock Roadway
  • Whonnock Playground Site Preparation
  • Whonnock Picnic and Playground Areas
  • Whonnock Paving2
  • Whonnock Paving
  • Whonnock Old Concrete Pads
  • Whonnock New Timber
  • Whonnock New Curb Markings
  • Whonnock Future Overflow Parking
  • Whonnock Curbs2
  • Whonnock Curbs
  • Whonnock Construction
  • Whonnock Ashpalt Grinding
  • Preparation of footings for new gazebo relocation
  • New goslings
  • Log edges of new play area placed
  • Gazebo Structure
  • Gazebo Side Shot
  • Gazebo Roof
  • Gazebo Roof Removal

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