Why do I have to register to book a sport court?

To ensure the safety of patrons, staff and our community, registration for the sport courts is mandatory. Registration allows us to track who is in our building and when and to ensure maximum participation numbers are monitored. Controlling the access to a building/facility is a recommendation of the Provincial Health Officer and Worksafe BC.

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1. Do I have to use my membership to pay for a sport court timeslot?
2. Why do I have to register to book a sport court?
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11. Can I cancel my registration for a sport court booking?
12. Why are you encouraging folks to use the sport courts as individuals for the purpose of skill development?
13. Can I register for a sport court and the Fitness Centre in back-to-back timeslots and only pay one fee?
14. Can two individuals work on skill development at the same time on the same court?